Dr. Rolf Luchsinger

has a long track record both in the industry and academia. Trained as a physicist with a PhD in computational physics, after completing a Postdoc in Canada he joined the research lab of ABB working on new materials and technologies for power electronics. In 2002 he moved on to the company prospective-concepts, where he was responsible to build up the R&D for the new light-weight structure Tensairity®. Since 2006 he is heading the Center for Synergetic Structures at Empa.

Dr. Cédric Galliot

is an expert in composites and fabric structures. He joined the Center for Synergetic Structures in 2008 where he is leading the structural research activities. He has many years of experience in testing and FEM modelling of light-weight structures and has developed new methods to determine the mechanical properties of fabrics and foils. Cédric is responsible for the structure and materials of the wings.

Flavio Gohl

is our aerospace and computer crack. During his Master thesis at ETHZ he has developed a real-time kite simulator, which allows us to optimize the shape, the bridle as well as the efficiency of the twings and the complete kitepower system. As an avid glider builder and RC pilot he masters the stability and control of wings. Flavio joined the Center for Synergetic Structures in 2009 and is responsible for all the aerodynamic aspects of the kitepower system.

Dino Costa

is a mechanical engineer with a great passion for kite surfing, which he started at the age of 16. During his studies at ETHZ he has built up his own company to produce and market surf kites. In 2010 he joined our kitepower project, first to do his master thesis, where he developed a system to do tow-tests and measurements with kites. Dino knows all the tricks to fly and handle large kites and is responsible for the testing of our kitepower system.