Corey Houle

trained as a mechanical engineer in Canada before moving to Switzerland in 2007 to work at FHNW. With the support of Professor Burtscher he started working on kite power in 2009 and has been responsible for the formation of the SwissKitePower group. Corey is also the technical director of Crosswind Power Systems, a Canadian based start-up aiming to bring kite power to the remote corners of the globe.

Jannis Heilmann

earned a bachelors degree in physics before starting his masters in energy science at Utrecht University. Jannis joined the team in 2011 and has focused his efforts on analyzing the technical and economic potential of airborne wind energy, and has since finalized his thesis and graduated with honors. Going forward he will continue to build on his thesis work with a focus on resource and market analysis, aiming to strengthen the business case for kite power.

Dominik Sommer

graduated from FHNW with a degree in electrical engineering while performing his bachelor thesis work on the kite project. This work involved upgrading the kite test bench to it’s current multi-line configuration as well as completely redesigning it’s automation system. Dominik is currently responsible for ensuring the kite test bench is running smoothly as well as supervising student projects.

Professor Heinz Burtscher

is the head of the Institute for Aerosol and Sensor Technology at FHNW, the group in which kite project resides. Professor Burtscher lectures in the areas of power electronics and drives, sensor technology as well as aerosol sciences. He holds multiple patents and publications in these fields and is responsible for supervising numerous student projects in various disciplines, including kite power.