Center for Synergetic Structures

The Center for Synergetic Structures strives for new sustainable lightweight structures by taking favour of the synergies between materials and structures. Our key competences are prototype building, investigation of materials, testing of full scale structures as well as analytical and numerical modelling. The Center is instrumented with a number of high end test facilities such as a biaxial test rig and a 3d image correlation system. Founded in 2006 as a public private partnership between Empa and Festo, the main focus of the Center for Synergetic Structures is in the R&D of Tensairity®– structures and pneumatic structures. Our highly skilled interdisciplinary team supports clients from industry and academia in the development of innovative solutions ranging from architecture to aviation.

Our tasks within the SwissKitePower group

The development of very light wing structures is essential for the development of power-generating wings.  Apart of being light, these wings should still be aerodynamically efficient and able to carry high wing loads. Suitable load bearing structures are needed for these special requirements.

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Dr. Rolf Luchsinger
Empa – Center for Synergetic Structures
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