Our approach

In our technology only the wing and the tether are in the air, while the generator and other heavy and vulnerable components such as the power electronics are placed on the ground. This allows to have the lightest possible wing in the air, maximizing safety while allowing for easy access to electrical and mechanical systems during operation and maintenance.

Electrical energy is produced by transforming the aerodynamic lift force of the wing into tension in the tether and eventually rotational motion of the winch. A closed-loop process is achieved by flying so called pumping cycles as shown above. In the power phase, the kite flies crosswind generating high loads. The tether pulls on the drum which starts to rotate. The kite rises and the generator connected to the drum produces electrical power. Having reached a threshold altitude, the kite is flown out of the wind and the retraction phase starts. The kite is reeled in to a lower threshold altitude from where the power phase starts again.