About The SwissKitePower Project

The SwissKitePower project is a multidisciplinary research and development effort aimed at creating a totally new device which can harness wind energy at high altitudes. The winds at altitude are stronger and more consistent than those at the ground and represent an enormous potential source of renewable energy.
More about our approach can be found here.
During the course of the project innovative new kites will be developed at Empa which can efficiently convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical power and eventually wholesale electricity.
In order to test these new kite designs in the real world, the researchers at the FHNW have developed a mobile testing platform. This kite test bench will also allow for the development and testing of new estimator and controller designs
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The control algorithms are developed at the Automatic Control Laboratories at both ETH and EPFL, aimed at keeping the kite flying autonomously in the most challenging wind conditions.

Industrial partner Alstom is looking forwards with their involvement in this project, analyzing what role kite power could play in shaping the future of the energy industry.